The STRIPES collection from Buxkin by LEOXX is a series of stylish rugs assembled from natural materials, like recycled leather and wool felt. Sustainable and completely recyclable. Also suitable as wall covering.

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    Buxkin is an innovative and self-producing design agency, founded by experienced textile experts with a love for a sustainable, minimalistic interior and high-quality natural materials. From a co-creation with LEOXX an exclusive line of designer rugs was created: STRIPES.


    The STRIPES-collection from Buxkin by LEOXX consist of six rugs all available in five standard sizes. Besides its tight linear design, the collection also stands out by its innovative and sustainable use of materials. The rugs are made from recycled leather, wool fetl and/or recycled felt and is made in an artisanal way by hand in the Netherlands. A must have for a high-quality interior!


    All STRIPES-creations are designed from the zero waste principle. The recycled leather being used in the STRIPES-collection for example, is made from leftover deriving from the shoe industry. Thanks to the use of 100% natural wool felt and recycled materials the rugs are completely recyclable. This way we prevent waste, contribute to reducing the waste mountain and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.