WW Diamond 8605

WW Diamond 8605
  • WW Diamond 8605
  • WW Diamond 8605
  • WW Diamond 8605
Designed to dress the floor. That’s Haute Couture from Louis de Poortere, a timeless collection jacquard woven rugs. Available in no less than 80 eclectic designs, in a multitude of colours and shades. Artisanal produced from natural materials and available in three quality series: WW, CW and CP. A collection designed to give every interior a homely atmosphere.

Wool / Wool (WW)
100% jacquard woven wool, building on the world-renowed tradition of the Brussels weaving method. Available in six outspoken designs, in natural and dark grey colours. DIAMOND has a bigger diamond pattern with both soft and strong colours and is available in nine colours.

Qualitative and comfortable
Besides a high quality look Haute Couture offers a lot of (walk) comfort thank to a 6 mm thick integrated felt backing. The collection is suitable for floor heating and office chairs, has an excellent sound absorption and is easy in maintenance.

Friendly for our environment
Haute Couture is mainly made from reusable raw materials like wool and cotton. And since these materials are 100% biodegradable, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Available as stair runner (ask us about the possibilities) or as volume carpet (maximum width 295 cm).
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  • Product specifications

    • Dimensions
      • Karpet: maatwerk (maximale breedte 295 cm)
        Traploper: standaard 70 cm breed (vraag naar de mogelijheden)
    • Surface structureDIN ISO 2424
      • Flat woven loop pile 
    • BackingDIN ISO 2424
      • 100% gerecyclede PET
    • Total weightISO 8543
      • 2215 g/m²
    • Total heightISO 1765
      • ca. 9,0 mm
    • AcoustiXX Plus
      • icoon

        Standard equipped with an acoustic backing. 
    • Finishing
      • Blind banding (different edge finishing by agreement) 
    • Manufacturation processDIN ISO 2424
      • Woven 
    • Design
      • Effect 
      • Grafic 
  • Performance specifications

    • Comfort levelEN 1307
      • icoon

    • Usage on stairs
      • icoon

        Suitable for stairs 
    • Usage classificationEN 1307
      • icoon

        32 - normal project use 
      • icoon

        23 - heavy residential use 
    • Castor chair testEN 985:2002
      • icoon

        Suitable for office chairs with castors 
    • Dimensional stabilityEN ISO 23999
      • icoon

        Falls within norms 
    • Slip resistanceDIN 51130
      • icoon

    • AntistaticISO 6356
      • icoon

        Permanent antistatic 
  • Technical specifications

    • Burning classifictionDIN EN 13501-1
      • icoon

    • Thermal resistanceISO 8302
      • icoon

        ~0.106 m² K/W
    • Impact sound insulationISO 10140
      • icoon

        31 dB
  • Environmental specifications

    • VOC emissions
      • icoon

        A+ émissions dans l’air intérieur 
      • icoon

    • CO₂ neutral
      • icoon

    • Recyclable
      • icoon

    • CE
      • icoon

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