Privacy policy


In this privacy statement we explain which personal information we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to read this statement carefully.

Adjusted on: March 16th, 2020


  1. Privacy policy LEOXX
  2. Use of personal data
  3. Provision to third parties
  4. Profiling and cookies
  5. Security and storage
  6. Websites of third parties
  7. Minors
  8. Changes to this privacy statement
  9. Insight in and changing your data
  10. Dutch Data Protection Authority
  11. Entry into force



Leoxx B.V. is an extraordinary, quirky enterprise in innovative project floors and acoustic solutions. Through our website we offer information & services to clients and non-clients. This involves the processing of privacy sensitive information, also referred to as personal data. In some cases this involves collaboration with different organisations or companies.

We consider it to be of big importance personal data is being treated carefully. That’s why we process and secure personal data carefully. In this respect we follow the demands from the privacy laws. This incudes for example that we:

  • announce clearly for what purposes we process personal data. This is done through our privacy statement;
  • limit the collection of personal data to only the personal data needed for the purposes they are being processed for;
  • will ask for your explicit permission to process your personal data first, in cases your permission is required;
  • will not pass on your data to third parties, unless this is necessary to provide the requested service or when we are obligated to do so by law;
  • when sharing your data, make agreements with third parties to i.e. make sure they will not be used for other purposes;
  • take adequate security measurements to protect your personal data and also demand this from parties processing your personal data commissioned by us;
  • respect your right to offer your personal data on request for inspection, correction or deletion.

If you want to contact us with regard to this privacy statement, this is possible through the contact details below.

Phone:     030 635 10 00
Post:                Ringveste 9 - 3992 DD HOUTEN

Use of personal data

When using our services and website(s) you leave certain data behind. This can be personal data. We don’t always process all data listed below. This depends on the services and functionalities on our websites you choose to use. Your CV, motivational letter and education level for instance only when you apply for a job with us and data concerning your IBAN only become relevant when you place an order with us.

Personal data

Depending on the services and functionalities you use on our website, we can process the personal data of yours below:

  • name
  • company data
  • NAW-data
  • IBAN
  • KvK
  • quotation- and order information
  • phone number
  • e-mail address
  • function
  • date of birth or age
  • gender
  • CV
  • motivational letter
  • BSN-number
  • technical measured data of the device like IP-address, MAC-address, identifiers in cookies and your browse behaviour on our websites
  • interests
  • information you fill in yourself in an open field, for example a message in the contact form


We process data above for one or multiple of the following purposes (partially dependent whether you are a client of LEOXX or not):

  • to offer you the possibility to order samples through our website and make use of all functionality and services on the website.
  • to process your quotation request and to inform you about its status.
  • to process your order and to inform you about its progress.
  • to process your application.
  • to process your complaint about a delivery or process your response to a complaint.
  • to approach you about a complaint because we want to investigate it.
  • to communicate with you by sending electronic newsletters and/or post.
  • to offer you personalised advertisements and content on our website.
  • to send personalised newsletters or collection alerts to you based on your interests (also see ‘profiling’).
  • to process your data for possible participation in promotional activities, to be able to inform you if you have won something and to improve our service.
  • to answer your question or handle your complaints through social media, e-mail, post or by phone.
  • to improve our websites.

To provide services to you

To simplify the use of our online services for you, we can analyse the by us collected data of your use of our digital media and combine them with information being collected through cookies and similar technologies. For example to know which is the digital channel (e-mail, social media) or device (desktop, tablet or mobile) of your preference, so we can focus our communication to this channel or device.

If you have registered a personal account within our customer portal, we can use your data in the following ways:

  • to set up your password again
  • to respond to your submitted requests
  • to take a look at the status and details of your requests and orders
  • to send digital and physical objects to you
  • to save your listed interests like wish lists and personalisation preferences
  • to recommend our products and/or services

We store the data in your account as long as you are still an active costumer of us. If you haven’t logged in for seven years, we will delete all your data. You can also request your data for inspection or deletion at all times. You can do this by sending an email to

For an optimal experience on our website

We use the software of to offer you a better and personalised experience on the website. A profile is created by the Online Succes software when interaction with our website takes place. This happens for example when you download a datasheet. Your Online Succes profile is unique to LEOXX. To guarantee your privacy, these data is only available to yourself and LEOXX and will never be shared with third parties. You can consult your Online Succes profile at all times for inspection, correction and/or deletion through this link.

3. Provision to third parties

We pass on the data provided by you to third parties, if this is necessary for the delivery of the products or requested services ordered by you. We use a third party for example for the delivery of our products. We provide your data to a delivery company to deliver your order to you.

When we provide your data to a third party, we make sure (i.e. with an agreement) your data will not be used for other purposes. We also agree in this agreement that your data will be deleted once it is not required anymore.


Furthermore, we will not provide the data provided by you to other parties, unless this is obligated or permitted by law. It is possible for instance for the police to request information from us in case of a fraud investigation. In that case we are obligated by law to provide this data.

4. Profiling and Cookies

We combine your personal data from different sources (like data from your sample request or order and your visit to our website) with each other, to be able to provide the best possible online experience to you. In this process we also combine this data with the data you left behind on our website: 

By combining your data we can show personalised promotions and personalised content on different websites corresponding with your interests and preferences. We can also personalise our newsletter for you in the same manner. This way we can give you better and more focussed offers. This prevents you from seeing content or promotions which are less interesting to you.

When collecting and combining your data, we make use of cookies. Do you want to know more about cookies? Read our cookie policy.

5. Security and storage

We take appropriate security measurements to limit abuse of and unauthorised access to your personal data. We make sure only the people in necessary need of the information have access to this information, the access to the information is blocked and our security measurements are checked regularly.

We save your data not longer than is necessary. This means we save the data as long as necessary to deliver the by you requested services. Exempt to this is data we need to save longer as obligated by law.

6. Websites of third parties

This statement does not apply to websites of third parties connected to our website with links. Since we cannot guarantee these websites treat your personal data in a reliable or safe way. Before using the concerned website, always read the privacy statement first for more information about the way they handle your your personal data.

7. Minors

If you are 16 years old or younger, you may only use our website under supervision of your parents or legal representatives.

8. Changes to this privacy policy

We can change this privacy statement from time to time. Changes will be published on our website. Your data will never be used for other purposes without your consent. Therefore it is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly to be updated on changes.

9. Inspection and changing your data

If you have an account, you can log in to the account to inspect and change your data. You can also contact LEOXX through the following methods:


+31 30 - 635 1000
On workdays from 8:30 to 17:00 hours (on Friday to 16:00 hours)


Via the contact form on our website


LEOXX, Ringveste 9 - 3992 DD Houten - The Netherlands


To prevent abuse, we ask you, in case of a written request for inspection, to identify yourself adequately, by sending a copy of a valid identity document along. Do not forget to shield your BSN-number and your photograph. You can do this for example by using the ‘KopieID’ app.

10. Dutch Data protection authority

Of course we are happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. If you despite this are not able to work it out with us, you also have the right under privacy legislation to submit a complaint to the privacy supervisor, Dutch Data Protection Authority. To do this, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

11. Entry into force

This (renewed) privacy statement entered into force on 16 March 2020.